True spirituality comes from within ones self…your true inner being….being connected to the Source. Religion clouds this essence and in return convinces it’s followers of their sin and shame in order to reinforce the fact of needing the church for salvation. The bible…it’s rule book. Guilt it’s most effective teacher. Love is conditional.

Each beautiful being has their own unique path to follow….some need an organized religion to show them the way not found on their own. Understood. It’s just not for me. As Buddha quotes “I have no religion. Love is my religion and every heart my temple”. This philosophy is simple in it’s approach. It’s not necessary to make saving others your mission and quite honestly, who wants to burden themselves with such an ominous task. Allow the same freedom of soul that we all deserve. Really, don’t judge. Don’t preach. Radiate from within ❤

Some of my most influential quotes from Pinterest =)

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