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We build our bodies by the food we eat.

Each morsel that comes to our lips has the ability to create health or destroy it. Without the proper nutrients, our bodies cannot repair or heal setting us up for a lifetime of problems straining our health.

The struggle with what to eat and how to properly feed our human bodies begins with a lack of knowledge on quality, whole foods that sustain, rebuild and nourish our delicate systems. My food philosophy is simple, whole foods prepared with love and seasoned perfectly.

Try to stay clear of the packaged shit they try to pass off as health food and create your own fresh dishes with quality ingredients. Start small a begin with purpose knowing that you’ll be healing yourself from the inside out. Keep it simple. Seek out truthful foods. Real foods. Whole foods.

Know your value and feed yourself accordingly =} Here’s a list of my favorite staples that I’m quite sure I couldn’t live without…..

My shopping criteria is always sustainable and local when I can, Non-GMO, Organic when possible, nothing artificial, minimal processing and of course nutrient dense……nature’s true gifts…..


The Pantry

  • Apple Cider Vinegar ~ This is an indispensable item in my kitchen. Used on salads, rice, veggies and in all my marinades. Love the taste…especially with salt =]
  • Braggs Liquid Aminos ~ akin to soy sauce and derived from the same bean…This jazzy liquid tastes amazing on just about anything! It’s also my most important marinade ingredient =)
  • Dulse Flakes ~ a seaweed derived organically and chopped into convenient little squares that look pretty on everything. Dulse adds trace minerals and high quality nutrition in just a few teaspoons
  • Raw Honey ~loves to strengthen your immunity with it’s anti-bacterial qualities and antioxidants.
  • Yogi Green Tea with Kombucha ~ Kombucha is naturally fermented and aids in digestion & gut health as well as enhance mental clarity. Green tea wants to be your best tea friend in any form =)
  • Yogi Berry Detox  ~I keep this on hand for any gentle detoxing needs that may arise such as illness or hangover ;]
  • Pumpkin Seeds ~as little nutritional strong men these seeds are perfectly balanced with protein, magnesium and manganese to copper, protein, zinc and antioxidants
  • Raw Sunflower Seeds ~just a substantial as the above seeds boasting impressive amounts of vitamin E and B1
  • Walnuts ~a heart healthy nut containing omegas and Vitamin E…I chop these on salads as the norm =]
  • Himalayan Salt ~real, balanced and wonderfully delicious. Replace the dead white shit with this pink beauty ❤
  • Nutritional Yeast ~vegan cheese! This adorns all my dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches with a unique cheesy flavor that comes from the inactive beer brewing yeast. High in B’s and ready to impress you
  • Almond Milk ~I know….it’s mostly just water and sugar….but it’s better than the proverbial cow milk. My alternative is raw cow’s milk which we can pick up at a local farm…also delicious in it’s rightful place
  • Hemp Seeds ~super cute and serious about packing in a ton of micro nutrients into their tiny shells including healthy fats, protein and iron
  • Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil ~a nutritive oil enjoying great taste and a high smoke point also containing modest amount of lauric acids aiding in weight loss and satiety
  • Garbanzo, Kidney and Black Beans ~added to salads, soups or mashed into dips, these legumes are a tasty protein source with a vast variety of recipes
  • Plain Organic Yogurt ~I use this in the place of sour cream for dips, dressings and cream based soups. Dollops on baked potatoes, nachos or mixed into creamy deserts with fruit and honey

Veggies and Fruits ~ all links lead to World’s Healthiest Foods….one of my favorite informative websites!

  • Beets ~ Check out the impressive gifts this little root vegetable shares. Boasting over 80 nutrients, these ruby roots are worth a try. I buy them already prepared in the produce section, ((ooops….packaged foods =} ))they do sell an organic version. They’re best simply dressed with ACV, avocado oil and some seasoning sprinkle & devoured!
  • Mixed Greens of any shade ~ I buy several varieties a week and mix them up for taste variation. , beet greens, leaf lettuce, chard, spinach,  romaine are my usuals.
  • Broccoli~ a nutritional anti-oxidant powerhouse including tall amounts of Vitamin C.
  • Carrots ~ shredded, sticks or juice…getting your fair share of this orange root is enjoyably tasty!
  • Tomatoes ~ a great detoxifier chock full of antioxidants and brimming with Vitamin C
  • Cucumber ~ with a high water content, these are great for hydration with a subtle flavor that can be fermented into pickles for even greater health benefits!
  • Onions ~ never a dry eye when slicing up an onion…they’re well endowed with nutrients to satisfy the immune system and with plenty of biotin to encourage healthy hair growth ❤
  • Kale ~ a superfood that I greatly enjoy. It just makes you feel so good! With stand-out amounts of Vitamins A-K-C it’s a veggie to add to your daily.
  • Peas ~ eat peas until your hearts content! They hold quite an array of anti-oxidants while providing our diet with a solid nutrient profile. Buy Frozen peas and use them freely in salads, soups and plain with butter =)
  • Potatoes ~ humbly baked in their jackets, one can hardly deny the basic simplicity of this tuber. Arranged nutritionally with a high B-6 content as well as several trace minerals and rounding off with a hefty dose of dietary fiber, this ones a keeper.
  • Cabbage ~ red or green this tightly round ball of waxy leaves belongs in every healthy diet. Another anti-cancer veggie lending itself to many creative culinary uses all while protecting your heart.
  • Lemons and Limes ~ are always in my kitchen, my water, our marinades and our Coronas ;} Largely detoxifying and liver friendly also protecting against food-borne bacteria. High in Vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system these fruits should follow you everywhere!