louise hay♥Healing takes time and courage. To begin the process we must be willing to look inside ourselves truthfully and replace the darkness in our souls with the light of love. Accepting ourselves with open honesty will lead us on an unforgettable journey into the depths of our soul. Making the choice to move forward and forgive our past is giving yourself permission to let go of all the old emotions that are no longer serving our wellbeing. As Louise Hay quotes….we have the ability and power to set ourselves on this journey to heal by focusing positive thoughts and utilizing the power of our brilliant minds. Many physical ailments can be traced back to toxic thinking and in the process of healing, recalling those thoughts can be quite traumatic as though we’re experiencing the hurt all over again….but that’s where the mending takes place. We must allow ourselves to be comfortable even in the uncomfortable transition of dealing with our true selves. It’s a journey on a road alone…meant for only you, not everyone will understand and that’s okay. Be patient with your fragile self. Learn to nourish your body with high quality foods. Spend time in yoga and meditation. Sleep for strength and recovery. Dream and create your future. Live through love. Accept who you are now. Honor yourself.  Namaste.