The Tao of Paper Craft

Years ago, I completed a small questionnaire in a magazine entitled “What is Your Hidden Talent”. Mine, per results of the lists I’d compiled, directed me toward paper crafts. ♥ You see….the questionnaire directed my attention back to my childhood, what made me happy then. It all began to make sense. My obsession with all things paper and stickers was not just a coincidence. 

So….here I am. 42 years aged and crafting paper pieces and cards along with hand folded envelopes, gift bags and tiny boxes with bows. My child self would squeal with delight if she saw what we were doing now ;} 

The Tao is in the enjoyment of crafting. I can escape for a moment into a world of creativity where there are no limits. Being present in something I truly love and creating pieces to share with others is the nature of my path. Over the last few decades, paper crafts have been at the center of all gift giving. Filling boxes and bags with homemade gifts is one of life’s little pleasures. Along with a handwritten note, this is my favorite type of gift for giving or receiving!

As I stated in my last post, I’m working on being more mindful and present in this very moment. Often catching my mind wander, I gently bring it back to now with awareness and a deep breath. It’s challenging. My mind wanders ALOT! Crafting is my way of focusing attention with intention to only the current task….although having children ((especially a toddler)) can derail even the sharpest focus =]

Cheers to the love of humble pieces of paper that become superstars ♥


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