Lovely Little Hello

Quite often, being a Mother of five, my daily begins as an adventure. There’s rarely time to be fully present in what’s happening until it’s over. ((being actively and fully present for every moment in my life is something I’m consciously aware of and consistently working on)) However….this adventure beginning has been in my thoughts for years being lightly tossed aside, although ever present as a thoughtful whisper, while I carve time out for my precious family. 

Lovely Little Hello is the name of the Etsy Shop for all my fine paper crafts that I so love to create. I’ve always L O V E D paper….! Paper in all forms….notebooks, cardstock, rainbow paper, stickers, washi tape it’s all just so obsessable! (( just made that word up because it fits =)) I needed an outlet for my creations, a way to share them with others who would love them…..all the world!!

I have big creative dreams and they all involve some type of crafting for the rest of my life =)  When I was younger, I feared my creativity not fitting in to such a professional world such as Hallmark. That thought always lurks when those inadequate feelings creep in, but I’ve realized they are completely unnecessary and unproductive. The lovely things I create are my original footprint in the world, inspired by experiences unique to me…that means, they cannot be brought into the world by anyone else ♥ only me.

So today, I boldly begin to share my love of crafting with the Etsy world. Not knowing what lies ahead is a leap of faith in myself and the creations that I make with love. I will fill my little shop with distinctively decorated handmade paper crafts along with delicate embroidery, crafty fabric bags, scented sachets of herbs and charming stationary/gift sets for lovely people. 

Cheers to new beginnings….wish me luck 


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