Creative Conformance


Something I’ve been challenged with lately.

Feeling as though I need to put myself in a specific category with certain outlines of expectation squelches the natural flow of creativity and induces a social paralysis of fearful doubt.

Honestly though….It’s all in my head and logically, I should be able to work through these irrational preconceived notions that are standing in the way of greatness ;} 

So…I write. Writing is a clean and  painless way of addressing my current issues, working through murky emotions and share what I’m processing with whomever is fortunate enough to stumble upon my online journal of self discovery =]

I’m a wildly creative soul with an affinity for beauty, detail and universal magic. The problem is…..I let my very parental adult brain get in the way of the curious crafty inner child. I marvel at my children’s effortless creations as though I am void of my own.   

With that being said….how does one move past such a self induced mental hurdle….?


Just make something. Whatever your craft, create something small, something familiar. As you allow that magic in your soul to emerge through the pure joy of creating the inner child that’s been sulking in the corner begins to find a voice. Listen closely and follow your own creative blueprint which is so uniquely yours. 

Trust yourself. Let go of the idea that your craft belongs in a category all neatly packaged looking like the others. Love your creative self and nurture the gifts that have been placed in your heart. Redefine your blurry lines and allow the light to shine through your beautiful soul! Nurture your craft gracefully as you become a student of yourself ♥

Cheers to taking my own advice CREATE ♥ 


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