A Student of Myself

Establishing the value of learning who I am, discovering my truth has been a constant theme ever since. Everything I’ve learned up until now has prepared me for who I am today, mistakes and bad decisions included ;} So often we’ve been taught to cover those imperfections creating a wound in our soul that will eventually resurface, until it is properly acknowledged and forgiven by ourselves ❤

My posts may carry an theme of religious derogatory, I’m well aware of that. I’ve struggled tremendously under the weight of christianity and it’s insidious grip on my cosmic essence. Unlearning the false truths taught to me as a child has been an arduous lifelong task compounded by the fact that I’m a mother……the most influential role I’ve ever held. What I grow through, they also experience and not one part of me desires to burden them with my emotional baggage. I do feel as though I’ve made a noble effort to stop the mad cycle through truthful awareness along with patience with myself as I root through the rubble leftover to bring my newness to the present. 

I’m proud of myself….and it’s important to recognize the heart work that’s laced my path with grace providing a soft cushion for my many stumbles along the way. Giving yourself a little pat on the back is not only deserved but well intended for sustained growth and positive results. 

Love yourself enough to believe in yourself ♥


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