Love Frequency…..

The highest frequency…the highest vibration is ♥ L O V E Scale v1 COPY 2

Immense love holds incredible beauty giving way to soul fullness.

I once thought that love was only between people….but it is love that holds together the very universe.

Love builds dreamsbrings deep healingconnects us with each other and the environment surrounding us.

Heart is our river of love. Flowing through our fourth chakra spiraling in the colors green and pink…this center grounds understanding, forgiveness, openness, trust and acceptance. This chakra out of balance produces jealousy, anger and loneliness….love’s grief.

The rainbow chart to the right is a consciousness scale showing vibrational frequencies as responding to emotion. Being aware of this vibration can greatly improve our awareness in how we process emotion.

Anything above love creates feelings of happiness and well being resulting in a raising of our consciousness. Happy people attract other happy people and it becomes contagious…..just like sadness, it spreads like a virus affecting whomever you interact with.

Leaving a trail of happiness while depositing smiles in return for the satisfaction of simply   living your light can reach through the darkness of the world. It is your gift. Your light. The essence of your beautiful being to be comfortable in your perfect.

Vibrate higher my friend….share your light with the world.


love frequency

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