Herbs are wonderful little healers. Packed neatly into their aromatic green foliage are nutrients abounding with vital life force. Adding them to your culinary arsenal micro-nourishes the system through subtle vibrations which harmonizes perfectly with our amazing human bodies.

My love affair with the world of herbs began soon after my first son was born…almost 20 years ago ((mind blowing that I can make that statement!!)) I had been casually introduced to the common cooking herbs as I spent lots of time in immersing my creative self in the kitchen by age 12. Working in our local healthy foods store my senior year of high school brought me closer to the natural world by imprinting the smell of herbal saturated air deep into my subconscious, although my passion ♥ would only be slightly aroused this time around. My journey would bring me back to work here again as a natural foods cook about three years later…one of my absolute favorite jobs =)

Once discovered….the search for herbaceous knowledge consumed my time. The first book that stole my heart, The Green Pharmacy by James Duke. Cover to cover…over and over, I read the shit outta this book as I began to make the connection between human and nature. Next I was introduced to Susan Weed’s Herbal for the Childbearing Year’ and Linda Rector Page’s ‘Healthy Healing’ and Cooking for Healthy Healing’….I still reference my original copies frequently. Realizing there was so much more to herbs awakened a deep passion that has developed into a lifetime of insatiable self~education….and this girl LOVES to read!

Experimenting with herbs and adding them to your daily cuisine is super easy being that they are widely available in many forms. I just chose one and learn all about it….research its properties. Be surprised by all it has to offer. Find a recipe featuring the tasty herb of choice and try it fresh as well as dried. Enjoy the flavors it offers in teas, salads, soups and sauces…..even deserts love the herbs! As a garden companion or windowsill decor…herbs are beautifully unique sharing their qualities all season long with regular harvesting. My preference is to organically grown or growing my own….although I do believe all herbs carry medicinal properties just waiting to be shared ♥

The one I’ve chosen to showcase today…Dill {{Anthem Graveolens}} boasting super high amounts of the compounds called monoterpenes [[..the volatile essential oils of plants..]]  making this herb very effective in treating a variety of dis-ease in the body, some being digestive disorders, arthritic conditions, respiratory and menstrual issues.     I’ve also read that Monoterpenes are credited in neutralizing cancer carcinogens. Skeletal structure benefits from regular dill interaction as it contains high mineral content….including calcium and magnesium, that are perfectly absorbable in just the right amounts.

The wispy ferns of dill   complement salads, yogurt dips, potatoes, egg dishes and salmon while boasting big flavor in the pickle jar. Making your own pickled cucumber is easy…..stuff a Mason Jar with sliced cukes, garlic cloves, dill bunches, S&P, crushed red pepper and cover with 1/2 ACV+1/2 water. Ready at room temp in 5-7 days….refrigerate after fermemtation =)

Make friends with Dill….it’s waiting to love you =}




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