Like a Dream….

like a dreamA famous American quote repeated often “Where did the time go”. Strangely like a dream, time seems like a precious illusive gift that quickly dissipates into memories. The sands of minutes and seconds are glittered with good intentions begging for just another glimpse of a season past. Nothing on Earth proves this point more than raising children. 

What feels like an eternity as your ornery toddler is out of control turns into outgrown favorite outfit being held tightly once more as it’s packed away. The playful ages of school days fade into teenagers struggling to find an identity far from your own. One morning, you wake up to a baby face smiling gleefully at the parents that care so much for them but in the blink of an eye….that very same child is driving away to hang out with friends while you are just a mere image in the rearview.

Time is only a word to describe a chronological order of events. It exists only in our minds. It’s simply how we use our time that makes all the difference. Where we spend each moment makes an impression in our memory that will last our lifetime. The importance of being present in this very breath will reflect with satisfaction in our recognition. Failure to live mindfully in this current existence results in the quote above….”where DID the time go”

My very own children are nineteen, sixteen, thirteen, four and 17 weeks gestation. I’ve experienced this phenom first hand and the cliche “time flies” is an understatement. Becoming a mother cleared my calendar for the next few decades as I dedicated my whole life to raising them and being there in the moment. The work of a mother is all heart. Full hearts, happy hearts  and sometimes broken hearts. It’s a full range of emotion that I’m quite positive no one is prepared for….and just like that, it’s over. They move out, move on and life with children becomes a new friendship with an adult that you’ve known his whole life. It happens so fast, my friends……like a dream, you wake up left with a sense that something very real just took place although the details are fuzzy, your heart is warm

Work on being present, even when things are rough. The tears. The joy. Through the daily struggles the sunshine of motherhood falls on your face padding the everlasting memories with smiles of the heart. See the profoundness in the work your doing. Look over the mundane tasks onto a brighter horizon. The big picture. Love the shit outta those babies…love, love, love! You’re on the verge of waking up & the dream is almost over.


boy to man



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