Color Full Life

just loveMy vision expands in every color. Names such as red, blue and purple seeming inadequate to describe the saturation and hue of reflected light . Attractiveness in all forms steeped in a tonal glow that captivates the eyes, heart and soul. Alluring to the senses, color is the essence of life itself. Expressive and descriptive it assigns artistical merit in physical form, beauty the eye can see.

People are colorful. Abounding with unique qualities, complexions in tints and shades creating a human canvas of intense luminosity. This is life. Each combination it’s own prismatic kaleidoscope reflecting the divine creation of a single individual part of a much larger impression. It’s lovely and wildly creative. Allowing the true form of love for all, regardless of skin coloration or race, sets the heart free to love people for who they truly are.

Embrace the freedom of a colorful life enhanced by an open mind and love for all creation. Consider the beauty and wonder in every eye, heart and soul. Experience grace enhanced by tolerance and willingness to accept everything as it is with confidence that it is created in it’s own perfection. Just Love…… *K



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