The Empress of Motherhood…..

She embraces the true essence of the divine feminine goddess deep into her soul, becoming fully aware of the power held within and creating love to fill the world with the sweet peace craved by all. Adorned with a crown of twelve stars, representing the astrological signs, her celestial connection draws a sense of peace through her love of the natural world.

Graced with practical energy and sensual pleasure, she remains confident in her authenticity to share love freely. She adorns her neck with seven pearls to represent each chakra symbolizing the necessity of wellness, balance and harmony in both physical and spiritual health. Her heart is grounded with roots to the Earth as her spirituality blossoms from the lessons of the past.

Her greatest happiness is experienced in service to the family that she loves selflessly. Radiantly creating a warm home that abundantly nurtures the five senses and individually unique creativity, this Earth Mother surrounds herself and her loved ones with the best of everything. Her simply practical home is a warm space where all are welcomed with open arms to be themselves and share their stories.

Nourishing herself and her cherished loved ones with whole foods close to nature ensures healthy vitality further enhancing the quality of life. Luckily….this is her passion. Creating gorgeously vibrant dishes full of life sustaining nutrients to feed her family and loved ones is just one of her creative outlets. Edible love and cheerfulness permeates every dish she serves extending her energy far beyond the provision of cuisine into something much more tangible to our essential nature. Soul Food ❤ 

A feeling of richness accompanies her spirit throughout this journey as she enjoys the abundance of life without the weight of unrequired material possessions. In her down-to-earth generosity, there is always more than enough. Giving of herself gratifies the depths of her spirit and draws higher vibrations of love and inspiration. Bountiful.

And….she’s carrying a child ❤ Nurturing and sustaining a new life within, she is a mother. Humbly accepting the ambitious responsibilities of motherhood , her radiance exudes confidence as the bearer of beings. It’s truly her calling, a higher purpose greater than her own as the connection to the source flows freely through her body. Giving of herself to create this tiny human with graceful poise, loving care and sensual fulfillment….she is perfectly fruitful. ❤


This writing is loosely adapted for my own character from the Empress  and Queen of Pentacles Tarot cards. When my life is in balance, I reflect the attributes of these cards verbatim. I keep  few pages of notes written in my Inspiration Journal to refresh my soul in times of need. 

And… I really am pregnant =} Our fifth child is due in October. Part of my journey is accepting this new life and fully embracing the changes and transformation that inevitably come as a result. Pregnancy is a challenge for me, although I do enjoy the miraculous event of creating and sustaining life. Each one is different and I look forward to the journey of the next 30 weeks =]

mother earth


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