Dear September Self…..

Eight lunar months from now, I’ll need to read this. As I write through the glow….I’m well aware of what happens when the newness fades away leaving a long stretch of time to wait and grow. Patience. Looking ahead brings great joy in anticipation. What is now just a secret will blossom beautifully in it’s own time filling our world with more love.

A most precious journey traveled already , though on four very different paths…an honor in gift bestowed by the universe in precision timing. Love pours through me creating perfection, multiplied exponentially. In the garden of life, this is where happiness grows ❤

Over the weeks, I will become familiar with the being the center of your world, nurturing myself to sustain our absolute health and vitality, creating the beautiful person yet to be known. You found me when I wasn’t looking for you and now, I can’t imagine my world without the idea of you.

To my future largely blossomed self-please don’t lose sight of the light you’re bringing into this world. Stay focused on completing this journey with the miracle you’ve helped create. Breath deeply of the earth and store up it’s power for birthing this baby into the loving circle of family patiently waiting. Take each day patiently without being anxious, knowing that all will work out in the perfect timing of the universe. This too is a gift. Cherish ❤




“Woman is the artist of the imagination and the child in the
womb is the canvas whereon she painteth her pictures.”

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