…so instead, I write.

cat moonNot all the words I entertain form sentences that interest people. Sometimes, they spill out of my mouth as opinionated statements ready to offend. So instead, I write. It’s a way of checking my thoughts and testing the waters of acceptable speech.

On this journey of fresh thinking, honesty is imperative. Memories reveal themselves during my quiet times testing the integrity of my thoughts. Ready for sorting out in my conscious mind they arise to be acknowledged and beg to be validated. These deeply hidden secrets of my soul hold pieces of my past. Many I’ve buried and forgotten to protect myself from the pain attached to remembering, the familiar oppressive pang between the folds of my brain. All part of healing, growth and recovery nonetheless, dredging up old shit hurts sometimes. Own it.

I accept the good with the bad. I consciously move forward leaving those unproductive reflections in the dust. Freeing myself from the bondage of a bent point of view, my heart feels lighter, my smile effortless and my energy charged with positive sparkle! It’s a choice…not always easy but holding on to the past does way more harm than good. Our one life deserves amazing! Your heart deserves peace and happiness! Acquaint yourself with the beautiful child inside and remember who you were before the world convinced you to follow the crowd.

Words are my gateway to bridging the gap between past chasms of indignant impairment and the promise of personal renewal. I’ll search for a word until I find it, honing my verbal craft, matching dialect with deliberation. A true healer for my soul. Find yours. ❤

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