wayne dyer quoteLyrics complete my unexpressed thoughts. Music aligns them with my soul. The combination is entrancing and my brain dances as the harmonic tones embraces my memories drenching them in melodic vibes. The notes laced together by words and phrases create bridges all over the mind connecting our memories with reality.

It’s my escape along with the finest therapy available…simple in it’s seduction requiring nothing in return and offering endless poetic composition in the form of a song. One’s playlist will hardly ever share a perfect match to another, as diversified as our personalities, music is uniquely individual. Use it.

My current musical moods via Pandora…..Halsey….Blackmill….Tori Amos…Lady Gaga…The Xx…Gerry Rafferty…Dan Fogleberg…Jack Johnson…Dave Matthews…and of course…the 80’s throwback tunes connecting me to a much younger self ❤

Singing in my sleep =]

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