Dandelions were my intentions. As my breath released the florets in the wind, my wishes were carried to the stars and began shaping my future. Always fascinated by these simply light and effortless flowers, I wished often. Many dreams clung to each mini seed eventually planting themselves to manifest all my innocent aspirations, hopes and desires. I believed.

Believing transforms well intended thoughts with the energy we vibe creating and manifesting our best destiny while designing our souls with inner creativity.                  It’s the next level. As a child, we were deeply connected to this power within, the power of imagination. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite visionaries, states “Remain confident that through continued reliance on your imagination your intentions are manifesting into reality.” Realize truthfully that this applies to positive as well as negative thoughts…the two are vibrations of energy with different frequencies. The universe responds to both.

Teach yourself how to heal your inner child by cultivating an unoccupied open mind…. Accepting the past while letting it go…..Forgiving ourselves for past shortcomings…. Tuning into your own creative individuality, your true essence. Give up the need to be right, conflict only exists with our participation. Accept yourself for who you are right now….and begin your journey inward. Heart and Soul ❤



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