A New….


Cheers to the truth of walking away form whatever is not helpful, hopeful or meant for good. Applied to my daily… life has changed exponentially in the last six months. I’ve been super focused on myself, my goals and becoming new. Actually…going back further, my life has changed many times in my existence….each time we added a child to our family ((four =)) every job I’ve started and ended((countless!)) many friends that have come and gone((for the better))No’s that replace Yes((not sorry)) and all the pieces that make up my story…change is necessary for growth as is solitude. Being alone amplifies the souls conversation with the conscious self. Without personal distraction in the form of well meaning opinions we can hone in on our purpose, focus and intention with greater precision. Listen.

Not everyone understands or embraces my life changes….I remember that they’re on a path of their own, nevertheless it’s like growing pains for relationships… requiring lessons repeated until learned, old thoughts purged, time completed and a great deal of faith in myself to let the process happen without over thinking. I read for inspiration drawing my own conclusions, asking advisement from my own inner wisdom and applying corrections learned.

I love me more than I ever have in the past…that alone has changed everything! You must learn to love your own self. Acceptance for who I am allowed me the freedom to see my future self and envision the person I want to be. The younger Kristina felt inadequate…living for others, not myself. Fear was holding me back. Standing up for myself and breaking free from that person whom I thought I was supposed to be was a struggle between the stifling religion that ruled my soul and my graceful inner goddess screaming for expressive release. Happiness comes easily now. I don’t have to pretend anymore. Balance.

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