Ride the Snow…


My favorite way to spend any winter day…gliding over the flakes on a perfectly waxed board listening to Lady Gaga, Breathe Carolina or thumping Dubstep. It’s the most amazing therapy to be completely free of thoughts…just me and the mountain. This pic was taken last winter….I’m craving snowboarding hard right about now…anxiously waiting as my pass burns holes in my pocket!

I was the hardest person to teach…but my drive to learn was strong and I was NOT giving up! My husband stuck with me for two years trying to teach me the freedom of riding a board. My calves killed because for some reason, I could only ride my heel side for two years….until one day, I broke through my fear and felt the rush of carving for the first time. Tears of joy overwhelmed my eyes…I DID IT! That was 6 years ago and I’ve been improving my skills each year with confidence.

We make it a family event packing up all four children and enjoying slope style for the day. Our littlest is 3.5 years old and ready to pick it up like a pro this winter. On Board.217


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