Winter in the Airstream


Welcome to our Airstream Igloo =]

The journey began in June 2015 when we had this crazy idea to buy a hot mess Airstream and restore the shit out of it….literally, a mouse house full of vermin excrement. What seemed like an impossible project that had lured us in way over our heads… now our tiny home. We live in a little nook carved out in the backyard of my husbands childhood home sharing the space with our two daughters and Pekingese mix Mia.You can catch up in photos…

Space is limited and living small takes many micro adjustments of character that truly strips down your ego replacing it with a kind of freedom not found in a huge house filled with material objects trying to impersonate happiness. We made a conscious decision to begin downsizing by giving away or selling anything that wasn’t being used. The feeling was so liberating that we just couldn’t stop and our 24×32 Cape began to feel enormous, empty and unfamiliar. Time to move on.

So we purchased this little gem….and never looked back, even in the middle of winter =} Chill.




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