There are a shortage of photos of myself….I’m always the one behind the lens. My daughter Loren took this photo….waiting for me to look as she patiently waited to capture this authentic smile =)

My first camera came to me for my eighth birthday…it was hot pink…a color I adored at that age! My new little 110 went everywhere with me. Roughly half of all my images came out clearly as I began to understand basic knowledge of flash and exposure. That was the beginning of a life long love of capturing beautiful timeless images to recall moments of a time that begs to be remembered.

Many crappy cameras later…my husband and I invested in our first real Cannon. It was a dream having so much control over the personality of a photo. I began to understand depth-of-field, aperture and shutter speed and loved spending time in nature practicing the in’s and out’s of this new technical way of capturing images. Later on, when it came time to upgrade to digital….the face of photography upgraded yet again! No more film means as many photos as I want!! It’s amazing and I love it!

When I’m around people…I want to photograph them, I want to capture the scene…the essence…the mood. It’s a passport back in time, where those memories live on in a still moment and the smiles never fade ❤



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