* The Elderberry *

As November comes to an end, the cold long winter settles in for what seems like forever and it seems as though everyone around you has the dreaded two week cold. No one has time to be sick, especially parents. It’s in our best interest to begin early in the season with gentle preventives that go a long way to ensure a healthy immune response to all those prevalent “germs”.

Meet the humble Elderberry or Sambucus nigra

I prefer to use this berry in tea form because it is easier for my family. Alternatively, one can purchase the berries themselves either online or at the local healthy foods store.

You can order the tea through(( Vitacost )) which I have found to be the least expensive option.

A slightly bitter taste can be alleviated by adding enough sweetener. These little berries shine with both antioxidants and vitamin C. With regular use, one may notice a stronger immune response with less sniffles =] A very simple remedy.

There are several products containing elderberries such as Sambucol. They make a wonderful product, however for our family, it’s more cost effective to use the tea. Vitacost also carries their own brand which compares well to Sambucol and costs less =)

I’ve had such good results with this little purple berry, it’s our families go to tea for the cold/flu season. It mixes very well with juices so it’s easy to make a wellness punch by blending half elderberry tea (sweetened) and half juice such as apple, grape or cranberry…yummy =)

Try it and let me know how Elderberry works for your family…Cheers to Winter…*K


2 thoughts on “* The Elderberry *

  1. I believe one must take breaks from elderberry, or any other preventative. Habituation is always a risk, eh? Love the photo of the cat in the bag. Our cat could have passed as identical to yours. He passed a year ago and we still miss him. Anyway, thank you for following my blog.


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