…..part 2 on the Well Worn Path to Health…

This actually should be part 1….because it’s the beginning…
the beginning of my curiosity for the natural world,
a desire to be closer to nature,
 a loathing for chemicals and unsustainable practices ruining our Earth.
It all began with a bottle of Mr. Clean….
Unassuming of the toxic load about to be unleashed on my body, I set out to wash the lino floors in our first home. Filling the bucket as instructed,
I began to mop….with my feet…a cloth on each one saves time =}

Shortly into my cleaning session….I    F E L T    H O R R I B L E!!!

D I Z Z Y……H O T….H E A R T    R A C I N G…..P A S S E D    O U T!!!

What the HELL just happened?!!??
I thought I was just getting sick….but it happened every time I washed the floors..??   HMMMMMM…….
I started doing a little research….no internet existed at the time ((what I did  without it!!??))
At our local health food store, I found books that captured my inquiry.
and an answer to my mysterious sickness…
I had poisoned myself…and your feet are extremely efficient in absorbing whatever you put on them….giving direct access to every organ and your entire vascular system.
I read….and read…and read…..
Opening up my eyes to the natural world that was waiting for me…
Discovering I’d been doing it all wrong…I’d been lied to.
My world was changed from that point on….1998 to be exact.
I couldn’t read enough!! All this info was making my brain S P I N.
The 2 books I started out with were…

The Green Pharmacy by James Duke
Healthy Healing by Linda Rector Page

I still use those books frequently to this day….though I’ve added many others and THE INTERNET!!
Taking in so much new information…I began to shift my way of thinking…I became a vegetarian, a green cleaner, a health food store shopper, a supplement taker, a tea drinker and an activist!!
….but in 1998….it seemed as though I was standing alone, even my husband thought I was whacked!
I shared my new found love of natural with EVERYONE!!…..but not many cared the way I did, in fact, my friends would poke fun at me….calling me a tree hugger, a hippie and other such names.
it bothered me BUT I knew I was on the right path…..and here I am today….wiser than ever and still learning everyday!

There will be many bumps in the road on anyone’s path to health…such is the nature of learning how to care for our amazing bodies….they don’t come with a manual….and every body is different…what works for you may not work for me.
Just like religion, each has his own path in health… choosing good or bad.
All those choices are cumulative…..choose wisely…with each decision, you’re building your body for the future you =}

Mr. Clean….you’re fired =}

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