a Rose for patience

…we cannot rush things that become perfect with the passing of time…

…but such is our human nature, we want instant gratification.
 Such as a rose…we must be patient and wait for the deep red petals to share their fragrance with the air…we cannot open it any faster…it requires time to enjoy the beauty.
The best things in life are developed over time.  
Our babies
Crock-Pot meals
and savings accounts 🙂
If we teach ourselves to be patient and wait through the seasons of our lives,
 how much more content we can be to enjoy the now….for that is the secret to happiness!
Being content and allowing our seasons to unfold as they should…and finding contentment in any moment in our lives teaches us to accept that a greater power is at work.
Find your connection…practice being thankful for the little things…they are all meant to teach.

Hug your babies….
Love your significant other…
Appreciate your friends…
Cook a roast in your crock-pot…
Plant seeds and sing songs….

and be happy…… =)

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