My Well Worn Path to Health Part~One

I’ve always been natural~minded…as soon as I figured out that I had a choice anyway =}
 Adopting a largely vegetarian diet at age 16…I began a journey still enjoyed to this day.
 I’ve learned so much, it’s hard to recall each lesson and discovery made along the way.
 My very first thing???


Always hated it, now I know why.  {{research it}}

Thank the Sweet Stars for Almond Milk…best thing ever!!

I had a good friend who was a vegetarian….me, never heard of it…until I met her (((lightbulb)))
Excited to makeover my very American diet…..I became a vegetarian.
It lasted a few months as I dove into platefuls of salad and steamed veggies daily…
.but I missed burgers….and I met my husband. I ate with abandon once again.

Until our son was born….then I became a reborn vegetarian AND a food snob….lookout!
Lasting through my second pregnancy….vegetarianism was taking a toll on my health….
and as my reign as righteous food queen was coming to an end, I was coming face to face with the most challenging health crisis of my life….Vitamin Deficiency.

In the form of a horrible mouth rash, my hair falling out in handfuls, crying, fatigue and soreness.
It was the worst 2 years….trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me.
Vitamin E
Special Teas
Colon Cleanse
As well as many homeopathic remedies and supplements designed to help the skin. It just got worse…spreading and burning, my mouth was on fire, red, peeling and in the last few months, I could hardly open my mouth to eat ={

Working a Café in our local Natural Foods store…my co-worker noticed that my “symptoms” aligned with a B-vitamin deficiency she’d been reading about.

Finally….an answer…a direction..!!

I began taking a Solgar B-vitamin complex as well as eating plain yogurt and flax meal…within weeks I noticed a HUGE difference!

The yogurt was restoring my gut flora providing an ideal environment for healthy immunity.
Flax Meal is super high in Omegas and that was necessary for new skin production and calming inflammation.
Those 2 things were needed with the B supplementation to create the ideal environment for absorption.


I couldn’t miss a day taking it, or I’d feel my lips burning….took a while for that to go away!
I had learned along the way that a B-vitamin deficiency takes YEARS to actually show up as cracking corners….It takes just as long to replenish all those lost B’s.
It should be noted that I was breastfeeding at the time….further depreciating my stores.
I also had the FUSSIEST baby around….SUPER STRESS!

I learn best by doing    =]

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