…..so Vanilla….

The very name evokes simplicity…even though the Vanilla Bean is the second most expensive spice

( Saffron taking first place), the cultivation and harvesting is anything but simple.

Still, the stigma of plain vanilla sounds a bit….uninteresting.

  Well,  Vanilla makes me happy =)

…the deep sweet smell of this pod from the Orchidaceae family has many subtle properties packed into it’s little 5 inch long bean….including… a calm sense of balance, a tranquil antidepressant and a relaxing aphrodisiac.

…the more common uses would be cookies and baked items…or ice cream and although these are great…..
…I prefer the essential oil for scenting my coconut body oil, room and linen spray, fabric softener and my very own “perfume”….actually…the oil ( if mixed with Jojoba oil) is safe enough to use on skin right out of the bottle…I dab it on my wrist and smelling it brings an instant calming feeling…..ahhhhhhh…V A N I L L A

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