…the power of Vitamin C…

…….it’s like a super hero in my world.
Humble, efficient and an excellent multi-tasker…this water soluble powerhorse is an essential for health and beauty. Feeding the immune system as well as nourishing skin, hair and nails…C is responsible for a wide range of  functions in the body all while serving as a potent antioxidant.

…the most exciting element in C is it’s ability to cure infectious diseases. It’s true. Read about it.

….supplementation proves it’s point very quickly and too much C will present itself as watery stools. Simply taking less will alleviate the flushing bowels 🙂

….our family uses chewables in 500 mg…popping 2-4 a day keeps our bodies happy.
…we order them here on Vitacost….I’ve tried them all….these are the best…

…this is my referral link…tell them I sent you..and we both get $10 toward our next purchase =}

…It’s the little things…like don’t take the RDA seriously,
with their 100mg recommendation…
 your body is screaming for “extra” C!

…read more about C here from my favorite orthomolecular doctor, Andrew Saul…spend some time on his website, if you’re like me, brain space is inadequate for all the info you want to absorb.
I’ve learned so much from him….

…George Mateijan has a little gem here at The Worlds Healthiest Foods,
where you can read about C’s nutritional analysis and food profiles.
Hands down, my favorite reference site.

….that’s what’s on my mind….

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