Cloth diapers……my opinion :)

cloth opinionI know, it strikes the majority as odd…but I love using cloth on my sweet baby’s bottom! Just think of it as clothing you can pee in 🙂

The washing is no different than all my mountains of family laundry accumulated day to day. They are cute to look at and full of personalityfluffy, warm and perfect on my beautiful baby .

Taking into consideration the cost of disposables over the time a baby is in diapers at approximately  2,600 changes per year, the cost over 2 years would be in the range of $2,000-2,500. This figure is loose & includes disposable wipes. The total I spent on my cloth diaper collection is about $250 including cloth wipes, diaper covers and inserts that will last through potty training. Of course, to be fair, the cost of washing them should be factored in, however, since it’s just one extra small load per two days using the same natural detergent as the family laundry, this figure to me is unnecessary.

I’ve cloth diapered three of my four babies and the fifth sprout will get the same advantage on his/her bum as well! It’s not an inconvenience at all, in fact, it’s a pleasure to re-use an item that can influence a serious dent in land fills! It’s true that I change more frequently than one would swap out a disposable, but I see it as time to stare at my babe & choose a new pattern to look at for the next round =) The gussets are fairly deep in my pocket diapers so the routine is stuffing a microfiber insert into the pocket and lining with a layer or three of thinner cotton. This set-up lasts 2.5 hours or so for overnight, I use a few more layers to last till morning.

Washing every two days keeps them from piling up & overwhelming the laundry maiden ;} I find that soaking is not needed….but I do have a watered down detergent spray that i apply before they go into the wash bucket. This helps exponentially in removing stains and odors. With my first cloth baby, I soaked them. My mistake proved this method breaks down the waterproof fabric and elastics much faster deteriorating the integrity and causing them to leak and fall apart. On the subject of falling apart, N E V E R use bleach regularly….occasional bleaching may be instituted in dirty cases, but it has a detrimental effect on the diapers personality….causing them to loose their shit….literally =)

….and no ointments. Unless specifically formulated for use with cloth, conventional creme will just muck up the surface of your diapers reducing their absorbency.  For almost any rashy related issue….try simple coconut oil.

On the go calls for a few more provisions such as a wet bag for storing the Nappys until you arrive home. Also, I pre-moisten my wipes & stash them in their own pouch. With the addition of a little lavender essential oil, you have a lovely scented wipe that preserves itself until use.

It’s my intention to share my cumulative cloth diapering knowledge with the coolest mamas and papas influencing their decision to rock re-usables. If you’re reading this, your interest has been piqued and I am here to tell you, it can be very fulfilling to make such an empowered decision taking diapering into your own hands, not relying on consumeristic disposables. Diapering in cloth blends perfectly with baby wearing, breast feeding and co~sleeping to create happy harmonious humans 

Here are some links to my favorite diapers and accessories       

Thin cotton liners for layering– these are quilted and can be placed on the diaper for extra absorbency without bulk

Bamboo lined diaper covers– these are my personal favorite….priced a tad bit higher that the regular covers, but so very worth it!

Regular diaper covers– so flipping’ cute & available in countless patterns! Come on….Vespa scooters!!

Cloth wipes– I use these for E V E R Y T H I N G wiping related. They wash well and last all day.

Wet Bags for travel– with double zipper pockets….one for dirty/wet & one for clean/dry =)

Wet wipe bag-for carrying homemade wipes or disposables

Enzyme based all-natural laundry powder– a must for maintaining the integrity of your cloths….the enzymes are essential for dissolving organic solids leaving diapers fresh and clean. I purchase the unscented version & add my own essential oils such as lavender and melaleuca.

A side note on the diaper covers. I purchased from Ebay China making them far less expensive than anything offered in the US. The quality is exceptional and with the plethora of designs, you can build a cool little diaper stash for less cash. It takes a bit longer for the parcels to arrive, but with proper planning the additional two weeks shipping shouldn’t be a bother.

Cheers to clothbottoms up 



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