*crispy kale chips*

kale…..all by itself is a green superfood!

..very high in Vitamins K A C and fiber.

…also containing carotenoids and flavonoids in high concentrations.

…read about kales nutritional profile here…


…if your curiosity has been sparked, try this easy, wonderfully tasty way to eat kale.

..the first time i tried this recipe, i was super shocked at how much i LOVED it!!

we make crispy kale at least once a week in our home…and my family devours it in minutes!

*crispy kale*

-1 bunch of kale (preferably organic)

-1tablespoon olive oil

-seasoning of your choice…we like sea salt, garlic & onion powder

*on a baking sheet, rip large pieces of kale off the stem and coat in olive oil.

*once all pieces are coated evenly…sprinkle with seasonings.

*bake in a 350* oven for about 13-15 minutes until kale has darkened & become crispy

*remove from the oven, let cook & enjoy this version of one of my favorite green veggies!!

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